Friday, 2 December 2011

Concepting and Planning.

To me these two words are probably my biggest weakness I have such bad use of my time, I have days where I’ve wonder what I’ve done. This is a big issue for me because it also has a effect on all my work as it limits the amount of time I spend on them when I’d like to do more.  I’ve spent a week writing down what I do with my time to see where I’m wasting a lot of my time. A lot of my time ended up being travelling, Facebook and Youtube. I realised that I procrastinate a lot and need to cut that down as I waste about 3 hours a doing that and about 3 hours a day traveling and waiting for buses and trains. I really need to cut these hours down as it’s a quarter of my day gone. I’m going to use my time traveling to uni as much as possible to draw but it doesn’t help having a bumpy train. With my procrastination I Think I just need to sit and stop messing about and get on with my work and plan out a dead line to work too. I think because of my planning isn’t strong it causes me to slack off when I shouldn’t be.

I need to write each week a timetable to work to. I think I could write this ever Monday morning while on the train. I’m think about working on my concepts for my VD work on the trains home each day so I have most concepting on compositions and what not. This should leave me with more time to work on finals at home.
I think one of my concepting Isn’t the best, I know it has a few flaws that I need to iron out.  I think my outcomes to my work sometimes don't always come out as planned. My Loughborough final was one of these. When we went there it was really grey and and it had put a downer to my mood that day. I couldn’t focus on my work and it made me feel lazy and moany about the cold. I got lots of photos though. I couldn’t really decide on what would be a good final on Loughborough as a lot of people used the same spots in the years before. Its really hard to draw/paint something that’s already been drawn/ painted  So I was a really lost of what I wanted to do. Then I saw the film Paris texas and the colour to that filn really inspired me to base my final on that. So you decided to take Loughborough to texas and make a desert  sort of scene. I did a few concepts of the water tower that was in Loughborough and the tent that was next to it to make it similar to Loughborough.

After finally getting a composition i liked i did it over in water colour. but my water colour skills aint my strong point so i tried to go over it alittle in photoshop but  it hasnt came out exactly as planned it looks like it has a empty right side but i was using the diagonal rule for composition. So I feel like if i add anything there it will be distracting.

Concepting I should really work on more I really need to stop being so clingy to my first ideas and work on the ones that work well. Loughborough and texas are completely different places  maybe adding them together isnt the best idea and more of focusing it on looknig like loughborough in the first place.

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