Sunday, 4 December 2011

Model of my head

So my first attempt at modelling my  head I learnt a few things. My head is horrible uneven. trying to symmetry my head isn't ever going to work for me as it just doesn't look like me. As your can see from my ref of myself ( yes I know I look creepy with my hair combed back but my curly hair was in the way) the right side is slightly smaller than my left. My imperfections on my face a really what makes my face  me. Taking them away I look like a different person. From the side I do look like me but not totally.

I have a few issues with my model I still need to fix my eyes are too big  and I need more of a forehead even though it matches the side of my head. my hair will cover that though so I'll leave that part. I think I might have possibly made my nose too fat aswell.

While writing this I Thought it be a good idea to mirror my head to show how my imperfections change how I look from one side of my face to another. As you can see I look like a skinney guy like Christian bale from 'The mechanic'  on the right and more a a built up guy on the left.

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