Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Look back at first year and plans for this year

Looking back at the First year I think Improved a lot since I started but, now I really need to work on learning more on how to improve my work and to make it a better quality.  I really want to try harder in 3D max this year and move on to getting zBrush skills and more use to speeding up my work. I noticed last year I spent a lot of time just messing about on 3Dmax as I was really sure what to do half the time. From the first 2 weeks, I feel a lot more comfortable with my 3D modelling, Helping the first years with advice on their dalek projects has made me feel more confident about it and I really do prefer 3D now to 2D. (Note: It wasn’t just girls I was helping! Thanks for that heather! -.-) =P

Over the summer I gave myself a little project of digi painting people’s faces from photo graphs and I think I’ve learnt a lot from it.


I wanted to do it in black and white as I’m not too confident when it comes to colour. I think it has improved my attention to people’s faces.  And what makes them them. I think I’ll find this useful when doing the character projects. Which I’m more tempted to try and do now. I understand its hard to get in to but, it shouldn’t mean I should just give up on trying to do it.

This year I really need to work on my planning too I think I need to work more of my prep sketches than doing finals as I think I lost a lot of marks for that last year.

I really need to work more on my artist judgement this year I did a scene over summer and my dad pointed out so many floors that I never even realised. It made me feel I need to research a lot more and plan and concept more on what I’m trying to make for my final outcome.

I was really happy with the lighting to the lamposts but like I said before my dad pointed out a few things that never came to mind. It  was surpose to be an old street scene. But heres some points that were made that made me realise how bad my judgement is.

·         Too many lampposts (doesn’t need one at every opposite side of the streets.)

·         Windows in old houses are exactly above the below before they are never to the side or a different shape.

·         Lamppost has 8 sides to the glass. Old lamp posts normally have 4 as it was cheaper to build and make back then.

·         The lampposts are like a old London style and don’t match the buildings.

I felt if this is viewable to its fault before even textures are added then I really need to work on  getting my basic ideas write first before even bothering with 3D.

There is a list of things I want to improve or learn this year. I’ll probably write a blog about them once I feel I’m comfortable with them:

·         Better planning/ time management

·         More colour in 2D work

·         Better compositions in my finals

·         More prep sketches.

·         Better design documents about my  3D work (They feel pretty rushed looking back at them)

·         Understanding of zBrush.

·         More 3D work outside of the projects.

·         Cleaner unwraps/ Better packing and checking my uvs before adding texture to them.
I’m really looking forward to this year and improving myself more than what I had done this year. The group projects

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