Sunday, 4 December 2011

Mortal engines.

 So I've begin to start concepting my idea for my mortal engines character of myself. I've started to put my ideas further at the start with crazy costume ideas but I dont think it works well I wanted to make it make more simplistic. I decided to work on the last two ideas as they was very simple and I thought they'd work well to progress.

So from the two concepts I've came up with these. I've tried to make them look as simplistic as possible but still look like a explorer the thing on the  back is a tube holding maps. he has a lot of pockets to hold his stuff as well so he hasn't got a backpack, hes more of a stranded explorer. the bottom line is kinda the same but more stylized and more like they are hiding something or rebel like.

So I'm down to my final 3, I don't know which I like the best.
All of them  I find show a different meaning like the first looks like his hiding his face like he doesn't want to be seen. The second looks more explorer type and the last looks very rebellious.
I'll paint over these in black and white and see how they look, then decide which will work the best.

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