Tuesday, 6 December 2011

visual composition

Composition is something i really need to focus on this year for my finals. My placements of objects in scenes can often be poor choice in my past work. Poor placement of my work will always leave my work looking bland and boring even if its colourful. It wont do anything to make me stand out when trying to get a future job as a game artist. So i've went through the internet finding out things that will help me out of my composition choices. These are someof the things i found that i need to consider when doing my drawings

Rule of thirds... When there is a main focus in my scene to make the focus more interfesting i should split my scene up in to 9 segments and place my main focus where the segiments intersect with each other.

Balancing elements ... Incase when using the rule of thirds leaves the scene weighted on one side.

Symmetry and patterns... this can bring a tension to a scene when its least expected.

Leading lines... Lines that will draw the viewer in to the scene and not out of it.

Depth... Adding objects in to the foreground can give a sense of depth.

I feel these are very important elements to consider when arrange and framing my scene. I need to make the viewer interested and drawn in. Often when looking at deviant art i find myself skipping over images and not getiing pulled in to them. My work shouldnt be considerd as that as if i want to get a job as a games artist i need to grab the interviewers attention with my work.

Fibonaci Spiral Is another technique i should consider using with my to create interesting  composition in my work  hopefully to help draw my attention into the scene.

Batman uses this in their screenshots for their game arkham city

Mike mentioned last week to also break up our your and play around with our arrangement to see how we can affect out composition. so here is my attempt at doing so.

This was the original

From these i kinda feel like i should have left my background more open and moved the fence back to give a more sense of depth and after looking at it now it looks more flat compared to the others.

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