Sunday, 4 December 2011

Painting over a photograph scan

 Yes i know the title says photograph  scan and I know how Chris hates photographs of work but some times they have there benefits.
To the right there is a scanned version of a drawing  of a dinosaur drew while are the museum. It's missing a background as at the time i only focused the dinosaur while i was there and left out the background. Now i could draw the background in and that would all be well if there wasn't a chance i may ruin my final from it. I also wanted to add colour too so i could go over with coloured pencil or paint but that might be dangerous again of ruining it which i didn't want to do. So i wanted to use photoshop to help me.
Now the difference between a scan and a photography is alot as you can seen a scan is pure white background where and the photograph has a more grey creamy paper texture like background. also it creates a focus point of on the drawing itself which is handy if you haven't drawn a focus like in my drawing.  Also the way a photograph leaves a grain is also helpful for me as it will give a texture to my background.
So basically Making my drawing a base and cropping it to the size i want. I made a new layer and painting over my colours for my lighting against my wall behind the dinosaur. This gives me a starting point of where i want my lighting to be on the the dinosaur aswell.

Because my shadows a warm yellowy orange my shadow has to be the opposite and a cool greyish blue should compliment the orange. Using a new layer to paint the shadows in aswell incase i need to rub out.

Once i got the shadows down i can multiply my drawing over it and paint in the lighting to my dinosaur after. This really gave a nice dark effect to my bones and i think its turned out really well considering how the paint over took 15 mins.
This technique really helps me speed up my work. I'm going to try use this in my work as much as possible so i can have more out comes.

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