Monday, 23 April 2012

Sounds in games have always been something i’ve over looked and not really paid attention til only lately in this generation of consoles. The first time i realised that the sound of a game was just as important to make a game be amazing as well as visuals and animation, was when playing Battlefield 3. The sound of tank driving past you, the cracking noise of objects as a sniper fires at you, the ringing noise you get as a explosion goes off near you. I always knew it was there but not the importance of it.  Playing battlefield 3 really let me realise how import sounds are and how they can improve gameplay immerse you in to the game.

 Since playing Battlefield i’ve started to really notice how sounds are used lately. Another game i got off steam lately for my dad was Oddworld Abes oddysee. It was a very odd PS1 game but it made me realise how even then sounded was used in different ways, playing off you could hear rumbling of machines to let to know that you’re in this factory.  The aim of the game was to escape and save your fellow works as many as possible.  Doing so would mean Abe would have do like this chant thing where he’d say “yoeyo”  which would open up portals that was made out of playing bats/birds  but you always knew when there was one around as you would hear flapping wings.  Also the sound of the enemies would let you know what was around like the machine legs of enemies the barking of dogs.  Alot of feedback is giving off by sound too, like unlocking a door would result in noise like a ding, if there was a ledge you could climb down you’d hear the cracking of little bits of rubble bouncing off the floor.  Also you got feedback from the texture of the ground you was on like the sound of metal or the sound of dirt against Abes feet.  I always took these things for granted but if you play a game with no sound you realise how much less you’re drawing in to the game. Also you always a sound track to set the theme of the level you was on or if there was an intense moment to give an rise of excitement.
Sounds Abe would make to communicate

One of my favourite composers for games would have to be Mikael Karlsson be wrote the score for battlefield games 
This is from the first battlefield bad company game i use to play battlefield 2 on a pc a few years before this game came out but when i got it loved the sound of the theme it captured the sound of what bf2 did for me the score you heard of every loading screen, but in a new fresh way.
This is another one by him that is in one of the loading screen of the multiplayer to bad company 2.

Just the the way he uses the orchestra gets you really pumped up for playing the war games that are to come from these scores.  
Another Composer i’ve not really heard of his name before but i’ve heard scores in a lot of games like Assassins Creed, Hitman and Darksiders 2 is Jesper Kyd
From the whole assassins creed series i think this is the score that sticks with me the most. I used to have this playing alot before i came to this course. I got the soundtrack for Assassin’s Creed 2 along with the figurine of ezio that i used for refence for the paper summer project. But since then this score has really summed up to assassins creed experience for me.

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