Monday, 23 April 2012

Interactive Design

With the new generation of consoles motion gaming and really changed the way game design works with the wii using a motion control system now you would can play games like Zelda in new interesting ways. The advantages of this are that less buttons are needed and focuses more around movement than pressing a button making the game more interactive.  This has been around for awhile though like arcade games use guns to point at shoot at a screen than just pressing a button or moving a mouse.

With the Wii, game design has changed alot more this generation; with keep fit games and how you play other games like sports games. Normally tennis is played the same way pong is played apart from adding more buttons to hit the ball with, now with the Wii, buttons are hardly ever needed as you interact with the game by swinging the controller.  Sports games have really grown from this generation and created a more of a family gaming section in the industry, with games like tennis, bowling, and golf.

Its not just sports games that have changed though. Zelda as i mentioned earlier has grown in to this new style of playing. Instead of just running about using a normal controlled, motion controls have added more of self effort to push you in to the game more by making you the character itself Zelda does this well as you have to swing your controller in fights to use your sword, and use your controller as a bow and arrow. In away i think this can clear up the interface as it puts you in the action leaving for less information to be putt on screen.
The playstation move is another version of the wii remote but it uses its controls to make games like heavy rain really stand out. Heavy rain has an interface of when a company is put up on screen to press the button or move the analog stick.  With the move this creates a interesting experience to the game as when character was about to get hit   the interface of the game told me to move my controlled down to dodge the attack moving the controller down made me feel like i was in the game telling the character to duck and itself made you feel like you was in the fight.

There are other games that get interface as the main gameplay like guitar hero. By using this wireless guitar to play tunes by matching the colours buttons to the colours on the screen. Then strumming the guitar when colour matches the colour at the bottom. I find this is a very unique way to play a game. The interface gives feedback on how we your doing sometimes this can get a little crowded but it works.

3D gaming is starting to get big too i think with more development 3D could take over gaming as playing batman in 3d works to extent it blurs the back ground a big but really makes fighting stand out.  The disadvantages of this though is that you have to wear glasses and  this can make your eyes ache after awhile so shorter games may benefit this more.

In my personal opinion i don’t 3D gaming at the moment from what i’ve played on ps3 i haven’t tried on PC, but on ps3 i found the frame rate to drop more and leaving things feeling blurry and not sharp and crisp. This generation is alot about high definition and having crisp clear images while using 3D glasses i feel this steps back abit, but the technology is coming out to bring 3D gaming to being sharp and crisp like 3D pc gaming is but at a cost.

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