Monday, 23 April 2012

Personal review of second year

When i first started this course i wanted to be a character artist, but the more this year has gone on the more I’ve loved doing environment work and i think i would enjoy that more as an artist. When i do character work i always get in to issues like rigging.  When it comes to my career i need to pick between what i liked to do or what i enjoy doing.  When it does to doing VD work i prefer drawing environment work than character work. I never thought when i came to this course that would happen. But i guess time changes people.  I came to this course wanting to become a character artist that was my main motive and what i wanted to get out of coming to uni. This course has carving me in to being in to environments even though i never took interest before i  enjoy it so much more now.

So what do i want to do after uni?
Well from this the group project has made me took a more bigger interest in to environments to i figure i’ll try to get job do environments for games or whatever comes to mine I’d love to do a big of freelance on the side as well if i could as i still want to keep my 2D going as well i don’t to just focus my career on 3d alone i’d like to have my 2D to back everything thing up.

What companies would i like to work for?
I’m on the fence for this i originally wanted to work for DICE but i don’t want to work in Sweden i’d really like to stay in the United Kingdom I wouldn’t mind working for Codemasters or blitz but, there is a part of me that would like to work in a less known company and not have the pressure of development some developers have.

What do i expect to get from university education?
From this course i expect to get the skills i need to get a job in the industry. I Hope to get the technical skills to get myself to an employable level but i also hope the teaching i get from Chris and Mike bring me to a good standard of creativity when it comes to my art and good artistic judgement. I know i won’t get this though if i don’t put the effort in.

Reflecting back on my work
Reflecting back on my work this year i think my process of working has sped up, and the faster i can work the more effective i’ll become in the industry at making assets on time and not falling behind.  At times this yeah i’d felt some laziness has came through though on being creative after the group project. I found i slowed down on my VD work and struggled to be more creative, this got me frustrated and put me off working to the standard i should be for a few week’s i spoke to chris about it and how to tackle it. I think now that i know the signs of getting like this i will know how to handle it more if that happens again.

Reflecting back on this year i think it’s been a good year i’ve feel i’ve learnt alot, more in this year than i did last year i feel alot more technically able and i think i’m starting to be more creative, but i have a long way to go to be employable and more creative but i think i’ll be ready by next year.

I’m going to make a website portfolio over the summer to help me on my way on getting in to the industry and also will take part in alot of forum events and try get my name out there over the internet. 

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