Monday, 23 April 2012

First of i want to write my own opinion on talent and skill as i feel if i research it it will cloud my judgement of my own opinion.

When i was at school my PE teacher use to teach me that talent doesn’t not exist and its skill that makes a person good at something. In a way i kind of think that’s true but in other i don’t i think you can be skilled at something and not be talented at it. I think talent comes in a form of passion and enjoyment you can be and amazing banker and i think that takes skill but it doesn’t mean you’re talented or enjoy it.

The is a film i watch awhile ago on bbc iplayer on street dancing and basically they this girl needed a place for hew crew to dance and she went to a ballet school and the teacher was having problems because they trained their students so hardly they lost their passion there enjoy me for it. And these street dancers had alot of passion and creativeness and i think to me that’s what talent is.

Also when it comes to being creative i think that’s more about talent than skill. You could be amazing at drawing a picture from the photo and make it life like, which takes skill. But no creativeness is used in it as your just copying a photo.  Creating something from your head is creative though as you using ideas in your head and reference to come up with a final outcome.

To me when it comes to games i think creativeness comes down to idea and concept and style. If they game is fresh like little big planet was at the time it came out it was new it was a game that game the users the tools to be creative with the game and make what they saw fit. I think creative looks like what you imagine.

Now that i have done some research mainly watching Sir Ken Robinson. He defined Creativity the ability to take risks and not be afraid to sometimes be wrong. And i think is inspiring and sums up good games and how they are creative. And what defines them as being creative.  Not many game company’s take risks any more as they are afraid to be wrong and not sell,  Whereas games there are prepared to take risks and do something unique is often more creative and successful.  The game kumo lumo is a good example of this. They took 8 weeks to create a new interesting ios game that different from other games. It was a small risk as it wasn’t a big development time and they was prepare to fact it might not sell. I think that is what creativity looks like in games.

I’m starting to think that's where games are going wrong lately games lately are alot alike in consoles companies are not taking as many risks as games take longer to make games so they don’t want to lose money. Games are starting to get boring as they are starting to be more alike. Like God of War, Darksiders and Devil May Cry. They are all so much alike in Gameplay wise its only visually they are different. (On the right, from the top, God of War, Darksiders, Devil May Cry.)

My tutor in foundation call Russell said to me when i told him i wanted to be a game artist he said games are all the same lately there not creative and not unique any more.  He told me to look at things in other ways that what you use them for. And i think he was right.  At the time of doing this he gave me a project to do with making art out of drawings and what they are using for.  Since telling me that, i stopped making crap work with them and used them in different ways like making a straw a paint brush, Or making it in to a sculpture tool.  I kinda think maybe i should look at games this way gameplay wise and art wise. 

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