Monday, 23 April 2012


Project outline
Action/fighting/ horror
Guy gets curse by a mirror after cracking it. 
Based on using superstition as a gameplay story
Main story getting cursed and the curse taking the characters date to another world / Mirror world
Character learns he can see this world when he looks in to the mirror and when he see’s himself things go ghosts and when he enters this world his body is ghost like.
kinda like this when he looks in to the mirror.

Gameplay is about dragging demons/ monsters from this mirror world in to the mirror to kill them or torture them.
Perk system to improve fighting abilities
Shop vender would sell weapons as well like knuckle dusters and rusted dusters along with disposable cameras to stun

Basic story
Guy takes girl on a date to a museum of ancient artefacts, while talking to the girl he jokes around and stumbles back and his back off a mirror, cracking it bad getting a shard in to his back. Doing this gets him and his girlfriend thrown out of the museum they carry on the date and when he gets home and goes to brush his teeth he sees his face warp in the mirror. Freaking him out the next day he wakes up on the bathroom floor and goes over his dates house to tell her what’s happened but finds her gone.  Only thing left is a smashed mirror.  Later on the find out that the curse took her and his motive is to torture these demons by dragging them through the mirror in to the real world.  In the real world he find these demons/monsters by seeing superstitions like a black cat walking the street leading to a car crash a man walking under a ladder then having a heart attack all these things are made by demons. Also seeing demons in mirrors or reflections will help the character along the way till he works out what’s been done with his girl.

Lead character
Cocky, arrogant guy in his 20’s  that takes life for granted until he is given a purpose in life
Wears a leather jacket.
Names ( Jake, Dean, Castiel, Sully, Connor) (Adam Whyte)
Adam Whyte: Learns he can see this mirror world after going to the bathroom at night and see’s his face warp out and see’s his reflection moving when he is standing still.
First off he begins to panic and find what’s happening to him before he later becoming a strong cocky character even though he has always has been, he conquers the fear he had when he first got the curse.

Trader in the mirror world no legs ghost like and hovers just above the ground, becomes friends with Character  after nearly being tortured by him and decides to help him instead after saving his life once
Npc would sell weapons like a camera weapons that give off light to stun to get in with melee attacks.

School Bus reflecting the mirror world on the side and gets in a crash
School bus + destroyed version

An environment
City block coming out of the flat where the main character lives, Hotdog vender news paper stands.  Steps towards apartments. Kind of the classic apartment blocks you see in American

Prop and scenery objects
(Most objects will be duplicates 13 times)
Hot dog stand
News paper stand
Trash cans
Lamp pots
Signs for buildings

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