Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Personal review of first year.

From the start of the year I’ve felt like I hardly knew anything about drawing from when I started the visual design and the teaching from Chris and Jack has taught me a hell of a lot. I feel more comfortable about drawing now but I still find I have a problem with sitting at a computer and drawing digitally. I feel my motivation to digital painting is quiet low and I struggle to finish finals on Photoshop. I guess it find it’s because when I do traditional I draw from life but when it’s a digital it’s either from a drawing and photo to refs on colour. It just doesn’t seem to flow as well for me personal. I think I need to practise more in the summer, but it’s the fact I can’t combine real life with digital for most cases.

I’m really happy with the way I’ve progressed with my 3D work from when I first started I knew hardly anything about 3D and from tutorials I’ve done before found it quite long and boring in a way to create something but I think since I’ve started this course my motive towards 3D has grown more than my 2D and I’m more interested in 3D now than 2D. I feel more proud of my work once I’ve completed it and you can see this and move around what I’ve created. I guess I like the idea of something I make being in a game than the actual design side to things.

I originally came to this course wanting to do people but I feel it’s so hard to get in to I’d be better off starting with environments, but I’m not sure. I’m going to do a scene over the summer and see how I feel about it after towards. I do still enjoy doing characters I find it more enjoyable being able to do sculpey models and I also did enjoy modelling them in 3D max. I would kind of like to try being more into design creature like that resembles humans in future but I know there isn’t exactly a job for that.

When I started writing this blog I had started it over a month ago and since that month I have focused hugely on my digi paints for my 2D and I think I’ve improved a lot since when I started this year on my 2D. I use to get frustrated with Chris’s teaching; I didn’t feel like I was learning much from his methods. From looking at my work now though from when I first started Chris has taught me a hell of a lot and I feel it has paid off a lot.

My only constructive crit for the teaching would be that there is more communication over facebook. It would be really handy I feel to have more advice from the staff on how to work on our directions. I don’t know what’s happened this year but it seems like the year before all the years got quite a lot of advice on facebook, but I’ve hardly seen anything this year.

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