Sunday, 5 December 2010

2000+ history

Computer gaming history 2000+
This was the start of many new things for gaming. Like the 6th generation of computer consoles and the 7th generation. Also increases in casual gaming and hardcore. The increase of online gaming with the good and the bad.
Firstly I want to talk about the 6th generation of console gaming this involved Sony’s PS2, the GameCube and the Xbox by Microsoft.  The GameCube was considered to be the ‘kid’s console’ due to its lack of adult games which the consumer market was demanding at the time.  Sony’s PS2 having come out a year before the GameCube seemed to be having the most success, as the Xbox was sold at a loss. They decided to work on game sales to bring them forward. This worked well with the release of Bungies ‘Halo’ game.  But suffered in many cases as it didn’t have enough developers to make enough games.
Also an increase of casual gaming that has started on social sites like Facebook  and Myspace with games like Mafia Wars And Farmville. Basically games where you can hop on play a little bit do some stuff like plant some carrots then hope off and come back later. Considering how popular social sites have gotten with millions of people on them everyday it’s no wonder games like these are becoming so popular. Even I use to play games like that. I played Mafia wars on Myspace before i converted to Facebook. I’m more of a hardcore gamer though and don’t like too much text based games any more.
More casual gaming has come to mobiles with games like Snake and Tetris. Also the release of android phones and the iphone has made the casual gaming market go up a lot which is a good thing I think. Everyone’s becoming a gamer of some sort.
The 7th generation of consoles has also come out. Which are the Wii, PS3 and Xbox 360 these are all advanced versions of the GameCube the ps2 and Xbox 360. The Wii was the first of the of the movement of motion gaming with the Wii remote and nunchuck.   The PS3 and Xbox 360 went for the more High def (HD) gaming which has made games look stunning and more realistic to look at. But this is many cases has cause lack of gameplay.  Following the Wii in 2010 Xbox 360 and PS3 have both introduced their own version on motion gaming with the release of PS Move and Xbox Kinect.
The increase of online gaming has increased a lot with more broad available to everyone it has made more games like MMORPG genre games like World Of Warcraft. Where hours and hours of gameplay is there for players to get hooked on. This is great!
The increase of online gaming has caused a lot of problems for developers as fewer games are being bought and the same game has been played over and over again and the neither developers nor publishers are getting any more money from it. This is bad, because games cost so much to make these days. That if something isn’t done alot of game company is going to be made bust.

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