Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Video game histoy 80's to 90's

In the 1980’s this is where we see alot more genre coming in to games like:
Adventure games
Beat ’em up
Fighting games
Maze games
Platform games
Racing games
A lot of games have developed since the start of video games even the start of the Mario series started in the 80’s. I think the 80’s was a really good 10 years for gaming because it broke out in to the world big time and was the start of very famous retro games, such as Mario, Donkey Kong, Metroid and Metal gear. I have to say the metal gear series is one of my favourite game series. Hideo Kojima is awesome at making games. I love how in depth you get drawn in to his games.
A lot of console gaming though got over took by computer gaming because it offered the same gaming ability and had a simple design that allowed games to be played as easy as consoles. Computers also like the Commodore 64 it allowed users to have the same pervious controllers ports from the Atari 2600. Which kind of reminds me of the ps1 and the ps2 how they kept the same ports which was cool.
Also in 1985 the 16-bit era came around with the Atari ST and the Commodore Amiga
Online gaming also started in the 80’s with games like Doom, which came out in 1993. I think online gaming is one of the biggest steps for gaming as it made games that normally only get played in living rooms but yet played against people all over the word whilst just sitting in the living room. I’m sure it wasn’t as good as it is these days with huge mmorpgs, and shooters like Battlefield Bad Company.  Though online gaming in the 80’s and 90’s does make me wonder was it as bad as it is now? I mean like playing games and getting random lag? Getting kicked out games for no reason? And getting rubber band? Rubber band is probably my most hated online gaming problem ever. It happens on Runescape, Guildwars and Battlefield bad company 2. For some reason you walk forward and you get pulled back. It’s really irritating because you’re not getting kicked out but you’re like half way between. I just wonder if they had those problems back then.
Also Handheld LCD gaming came about. Which brought about the Gameboy by Nintendo a year after the company before crashed. I think the Gameboy has to be one of the most successful gaming units, because they have been so many versions of it. You see how it grew throughout the years from just some standard square brick thing to colour to flip to extra buttons to touch screen. The list goes I love how it’s always reinvented itself to fit the next idea of gaming. And plus I love the idea of being able to game whilst out and about. And how it’s survived to modern day with mobile phones and PSP etc.

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