Wednesday, 23 March 2011

An idea for the cool shit folder

I had this idea after a lesson with Mike when he told us to create a cool shit folder. I just find it cool that every person has an object or something that means most to them so I asked a few people what theirs are and these are some of the responses:
·         “My first pair of ballet shoes that I got when I was like 3”
·         “The locket my boyfriend bought me”
·         “A bunny teddy that my dad won me at Alton towers”
·         “I always wear a silver necklace with 1 chucky heart and 2 flat ones that my boyfriend gave me for my birthday the first year we was together”
·         “I have a little white bear hold a pink flower on a keychain that my Nan gave me before she died.”
·         “The harmonicas my granddad gave me”
·         “My bass guitar / vinyl’s and travelling”
·         “My iphone”

When I read these I really found them quiet inspiring and cool. Like each one gives a sense of a story behind that and I find that quiet interesting. I kind of think now that if a game character had something like this it would bring them more to life because nearly all game characters have a sudden beginning about them and not anything that develops their past as such.

Battlefield bad company has a kind of a good example of a good back story to a character in a more quirky way. During the upcoming weeks to release DICE made small interviews with each of the 4 characters that are in the campaign. The main character Preston Marlowe got put in to the bad company after he took a helicopter for a joyride.

I personally think more games should have stuff like this it makes them more interesting. Even though I do think they could have developed the characters a bit more on background but, none the less though the 4 characters in that game work amazing like well together. I think this video shows what I mean.

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